Hi, I am Akshay!

I am a Robotics Software Engineer at Modbot, San Francisco, CA.

I am a 2019 Masters in Robotics Engineering graduate from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA, USA. I have an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering(2017) from Malaviya National Institute Of Technology Jaipur, India

My current work involves robotics software stack development in C++ and Python for modular industrial manipulator arms. My recent work has involved developing algorithms for robot control, dynamics, collision detection, system modeling and identification and robot simulation. I have experience in robot performance testing and enhancement and collaborative robot safety as well.

I have been a senior member of ZINE, the robotics and research group of Malaviya National Institute Of Technology Jaipur, India; I was involved in several robotics research projects there. I also mentored juniors for robotics competitions and organised several workshops and delivered lectures on topics like Integrated Circuits and Microcontrollers, Ethical Hacking and Sensors to more than 600 students.


These blogs are more of a collection of my personal learnings/understandings assimilated from various other websites, courses, projects and experience and less of polished blogs or tutorials!

But, hey if I do anyone any good with these, I don't mind! You can hit me up to talk more about them!


Extended Kalman Filters in Robotics

Bayesian Methods in Robotics

August 12, 2019   ⏲ 8 mins    Level: Intermediate

Robot Operating System (ROS) - Command Line Tools

July 21, 2019   ⏲ 12 mins    Level: Intermediate

Simulataneous Localization and Mapping - An Introduction

June 15, 2019   ⏲ 10 mins    Level: Beginner

Motion Planning in Robotics - Yet Another Introduction!

June 25, 2019    ⏲ 15 mins    Level: Intermediate

Sampling-based Motion Planners

July 6, 2019   ⏲ 15 mins    Level: Intermediate

Coverage Problems in Mobile Robots

June 25, 2019   ⏲ 12 mins    Level: Intermediate

Visual SLAM - An Introduction

June 25, 2019   ⏲ 8 mins    Level: Beginner


CMake Meta Build System

July 14, 2019   ⏲ 12 mins    Level: Intermediate

Commmon Algorithms from the STL Library in C++

June 25, 2019   ⏲ 10 mins    Level: Beginner

Smart Pointers - The non-nerdy version


The Oblivious Gems Of San Francisco

How Was My Grad School?!

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