Hi, I am Akshay!

I am full-stack roboticist interested in learning and working on the various domains of robotics and AI. I also build cool robots on the side. . My areas of research and interests include manipulation, mobile robot navigation and motion planning, computer vision, visual servoing, SLAM, deep learning and deep reinforcement learning.

Current Work At Invisible AI

My current work at Invisible AI involves developing computationally efficient computer vision algorithms for industrial applications, deployed on the edge. It includes architecting and writing production-grade robust code that stiches together multiple deep learning, modules and advanced as well as conventional computer vision algorithms. The tech-stack includes C++, Python, Pytorch, CUDA and OpenCV among others.

Previous Work At Modbot

I have previously worked as a Robotics Software Engineer at Modbot, San Francisco, CA. During my time with Modbot Inc., I worked on developing dynamically configurable software for motion planning, control techniques, kinematics algorithms, system modeling, and identification for modular robot arms in a test-driven development setting. Being the only on-site robotics specialist, I was involved in the complete software development cycle from design and POC through to the deployment of high-fidelity real-time robot software stack using C++ and Python in a Linux environment.


I have a MS in Robotics Engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA, USA. My coursework included Deep Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning for Advanced Robot Perception, Robot Dynamics, Robot Control and Artificial Intelligence among others. The graduate program courses had projects as an integral component of the grades. The projects involved implementing intricate mathematical concepts using latest software tools and technologies. You can check out my course projects here in the Projects section.

I also have a BTech. in Electrical Engineering degree from Malaviya National Institute Of Technology Jaipur, India where I learned about control systems, computer architecture, embedded systems and intricate motion systems while also building lots of robots like bipeds and animatronic face on the side.